We are expert listeners who know the power of a good story, well told. Stories connect us - to big ideas, to products, to each other. Let us tell yours.


First, we get to know you. If we've agreed to work with you, that means we believe in what you do and can't wait to bring it to life on video. We deep dive into your goals and vision for the video campaign. What do you need to share? Who needs to hear it?

Then we craft the narrative. We take your big vision and distill it with clarity. We make it legible for your audiences. We make it sparkle. Who needs to be on camera? What are the best visuals to tell this story?

Through filming and post-production, we show you at your best, doing your baddest and boldest work. We reflect your genius out into the world in a way that is easy for audiences to understand and is always action inspiring.

Then, you show the videos off, and the results roll in. Our clients triple their donations, sell out their events, and have their sales skyrocket.

Next, we make more videos, for more products and events and campaigns. We’re delighted we have so many returning clients, and we hope you’ll join them. Let’s make something awesome together.

Working with Haley & Simone is the type of creative experience every marketer dreams of. They listen to the marketing objectives the client wants to achieve. They apply their magic to the script and the production. They are collaborative throughout the entire process. And they do a great job with project management. These women combine the storytelling of a documentarian with the eye of an artist and the business goals of a marketer. They are Stage2’s go-to filmmakers.
— Deb Doyle, Brand Storyteller, Stage2 Marketing

about the founders



Haley Jude is the Creative Director and Producer for Moving Portraits. Her super powers are understanding what story needs to be told and always keeping shoots running on time. Haley's videos have been featured online in publications ranging from The Wall Street Journal and NBC to Upworthy and Mashable. A self-taught filmmaker, Haley first became interested in preserving stories as a Morehead-Cain scholar at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she was recognized for her work as an oral historian. She trained at the Southern Oral History Program and was a co-founder of The Jackson Center for Saving and Making History. An avid traveler who has visited more than fifty countries, Haley has witnessed again and again how storytelling can bridge cultures, helping us make meaning of our lives and the world. If you look closely, you'll spot Haley making a cameo in many of our videos. It's convenient to have a former actor on our team!



Simone Jude is the Director of Production at Moving Portraits. Simone has been making documentary films for twenty years, and her first film was about riot grrrls in New York City. As a director, cinematographer, editor, and composer, she brings a multi-layered approach to visual storytelling. Simone does it all, and, from workshops to boardrooms, and for clients large and small, her vision transforms the ordinary into cinema magic. Simone’s films have screened internationally, with her debut feature documentary, Immaculate Confession, premiering at the United Nations Film Festival in 2008. She studied film at the University of Southern California and New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, where she earned a BFA in film and television production. Over the past decade Simone has created content that can be found on television, YouTube, and every major on-demand platform. She loves capturing that perfect angle in just the right light to make clients and products look their best.